Monday, December 5, 2011

On the Midnight Radio

On Saturday night, I went with friends to see Dar Williams play in Northampton. Let me quickly clarify that I'm not, generally, a huge fan of folk. No closed-eyes swaying for me. But I've been listening to Dar since I was fourteen or so and her music is incredible.

Often I don't realize songs she's recorded are covers until I hear the real thing and Google tells me that, in fact, Hedwig and the Angry Itch did not cover Dar.

 Her lyrics are also very intelligent. One of her songs "Buzzer" is about the Milgrim obedience experiments.

And she's working on an entire album of Greek-myth oriented songs.

Speaking of Greek myths, my friend Sarah who is working on a novel featuring a myth, also went to the concert. She was with a separate group of friends.

But she was stalking me.

At different times during the night I ran into her in the bathroom line, leaving the venue and in the parking garage. Okay, whatever, right? We went to the same event.

BUT THEN my ride stopped at a McDonald's off I-90 for coffee. We piled out of the car and I waited by the Happy Meal toy display while she and our other companion bought drinks.

And in walked Sarah and her group of friends. This wasn't the first McDonald's past Noethampton. It wasn't a massive service station. It was a random exit. So, stalking. Stalking, I tell you!

If you have made it this far into the rambly post you deserve a reward. A chance to win a book and more Dar. This is the song that introduced me to her, and I love it: