Friday, September 2, 2011

Friday Five!

1. Whoa. Way to reconfigure, blogger. It'll take some adjusting to, but I'm not going to sit here and declaim against the change. That's the one thing that bugs me most about humans and our reaction to change, particularly on the internet. It's so inconsistent. We exclaim over the newest Apple device, but God forbid Facebook change its layout. What gives with this do you think?

2. It's been a surprisingly long time since I've had a really good Chelsey Gets Lost story, but yesterday I did. Trying to meet my friend at the Au Bon Pain in Harvard Square, I plugged it into my phone. Mind, I knew there was an Au Bon Pain, but because I usually frequent the indie shops or the Starbucks in The Garage, I didn't remember where it was.

My phone sent me IN CIRCLES before I realized it had me going to the wrong place. I plugged it in again, finally remembering the place is on Mass Ave. Then it AGAIN sends me in the opposite direction down back roads. I realize there are two Au Bon Pains on Mass Ave about .3 miles from each other. Yeah. Luckily, it sent me close to Club Oberon, the route to which I know like the back of my hand so I corrected. But it made me remember my Google-map equipped phone CANNOT read my mind, and I cannot rely on it.

Also even with it, I get lost like it's my job.

3. Said friend and I went to the Cambridge Public Library and...guys...I think I may cheat on my lover, the Boston Public Library, with the CPL.

This is the teen room:

And this is the children's FLOOR:

LOOK AT ALL THE LIGHT! It's like all the light I don't have in my bedroom here went there.... This library is reason number eleven hundred to get an apartment in Cambridge.

4. I miscalculated the day classes start. Thus, I have a further week off than I expected. Hopefully I'll be able to put my nose to the grindstone and get some writing done. A mini-NaNoWriMo, except without a full novel, obviously.

5. It's Labor Day Weekend and I am most excited about going to my friends' new apartment to have a Buffy marathon with them. Oh the life of a twenty-two year old geek girl.... :D