Friday, September 23, 2011

Friday Five!

1. Oh Grey's Anatomy, you are playing with my heart. If they lose that baby for keepsies it might be the one thing that makes me stop watching. But I have high hopes it won't go that way, mostly because thinking about it made me realize you've never truly let me down--unless someone left the show and we're not talking about that.

2. I went down to the mail room a few minutes ago to pick up my packages and not only did I get the Grey's Season Seven DVDs I expected, but I also had a copy of Looking for Alaska (I've read it, I just didn't own it) and my "Keep Calm and DFTBA" poster. Nerdfighters, represent!! (For those of you who didn't get this at all I send you here).

3. Last night, a group of us Children's Lit kids went up to Cheesecake Factory for a birthday dinner. One of the girls had bought Mr. Rabbit and the Lovely Present for all of us to sign. Of course, we annotated it. It's a picture book from 1962, there are SO MANY things about it that can be hilarious, from the creepy anthropomorphic rabbit on. Anyway, we made the birthday girl read it allowed complete with commentary. A few minutes later, a couple that had been seated nearby began to leave and the man came over and said, "We enjoyed the book!"


4.Did I ell you about the library books! I requested a ton of books from the Cambridge Library thinking they'd be slow as molasses like the Boston Library and trickle in at a steady rate.

Oh no. No they had to be all conscientious and stuff.

So, Wednesday afternoon, me, my backpack and a tote lugged back an impressive stack of books that we added to the Library Shelf (arranged by due date). You guys will soon have all the reviews!

ALSO watch this blog, the September contest will be announced tomorrow!

 This might be the funniest thing EVER: