Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Five!

1. I'm not going to lie, I spent a significant amount of this afternoon watching Muppet Classic Theater on Youtube. I really wish more studios would realize how much they could benefit from having older movies available to stream/download. At the moment, only Muppets From Space and Sesame Street are available on Netflix Instant Watch. Most of the 90s movies I'd love to see again aren't on there, either. Nickelodeon cottoned onto the nostalgic tendencies of my generations and put Nicktoons on there. I wish other people would.

Mostly, I am DYING to watch Space Jam.

2. This Disability Scoop article discusses possible ways Apple may be making their technology usable for people with disabilities. This is stellar. I know a lot of people with dexterity issues who would benefit from this. Personally, I have issues typing on my iPad because of the skin on my hands touching the screen by accident, so I understand the frustrations people face.

3. I had my first pumpkin spice latte of the season yesterday (while I hobbled to my room in not-yet-worn-in-boots.) It's officially autumn here and now that I know more people here I'm hoping to really Massachusetts it up this season. I want to go apple picking and visit Salem and all kinds of things! Also, pumpkin bread. Lots of pumpkin bread.

4. I'm going to Atlanta for a wedding next week. I'll  have to transition back to hot weather (fall appears there some time in November. Maybe.) but I'll be going to see one of my best friends take a huge step in her life. Lately, I'm starting to realize how long I've known some of the important people in my life, and how long I WILL know them. One of my guy friends and I just realized that next year we'll have known each other for ten years, and that goes for everyone I started high school with. Wow.

5. Speaking of things I did ten years ago, this comic describes basically every conversation I have with my youngest nephew.