Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Book Musings: Hell Week

Hell Week (Maggie Quinn: Girl vs Evil)

I am sure I'm not the first person to describe this book as "Veronica Mars meets Buffy", nor will I be the last. For a girl who has spent the summer obsessed with the Slayer, and who is more likely to pop in a V*Mars DVD than to ever tune into Jersey Shore, that combination won me over completely. Clement-Moore lands the snarky voice, awesome family dynamic and mystery of Veronica, with the cool underworld mystery of the Buff.

This book also hit seriously close to home. I'm a sorority girl, a Sigma even (the sorority in the novel is Sigma Alpha Xi, I'm Sigma Sigma Sigma Sigma) and the opening scene set in a recruitment party made me believe Clement-Moore had gone to my school.... I guess Rush is the same in most small schools, but still. The little details, from sundresses to name tags, were eerily familiar. And that's the strength of this book. It's so, so well grounded in the real world, with a well-fleshed out setting and wonderful characters. The reader goes right along with the supernatural elements, because the real-world elements are just that--real. It could be an episode in one of the above TV shows, but in book form.

I haven't read the other Maggie Quinn books yet, but I've requested them all from the library!