Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Writing Wednesday

Since I'm recovering from surgery, I haven't been writing this week. I know that's a little silly, since what else do I have to do? But, I write curled up on my bed in the late hours, and that's hard to do with legs all wrapped up in bandages, focused on other things. I'm letting my WIPs sit until after the holidays,

Except, I can't. They're always in the back of my mind. Little things get noted down in my Evernote file, particularly because Christmas is so important to my characters. One scene, the final scene of the manuscript, was sparked by the Christmas Eve service at my church two years ago. I can't turn my writing brain off, no matter what I do. I love looking around and thinking of how this situation would relate to my characters.

Immediately after the surgery, I was having trouble sleeping. But this meant I spent a significant amount of time in the between wake-and-sleep world, where ideas dwell. I was starting to think maybe I was stuck in this novel that's been eating my brain for so long. That I wouldn't create anything else as workable. Then last week two ideas fleshed themselves out in my mind, in the early morning as I sat staring at the Christmas tree. Unexpected presents that I will slowly unwrap over time.

Even if you're not working during this holiday season, your mind is. The writing is happening, along with the wrapping, the cookie baking and the family visiting. Live, it's okay. While you live, your brain will work.

That's the crux of being a writer.


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