Thursday, December 30, 2010

10 Awesome Videos from 2010

This was going to be ten lessons I learned in 2010, but I didn't feel like being that deep today. So. ten Youtube videos I discovered in 2010.


My friend Marla introduced me to this one. It's hilarious. Kind of makes you feel a little icky if you grew up on Sesame Street, but it's seriously funny.


Charlie is fabulous. I discovered him this summer, and love his videos. He's very real and funny. This video is really cute, but also went viral and helped Carlie gets the fame he has now.

This video was mentioned in Anthony John in The Five Flavors of Dumb, and I googled it early one morning. There's an irony added after Cobain's death, but I love watching them as a group of kids messing around on each others instruments, singing along to a song that's come down from a Belgian man in the 40s to 90s grunge.

I was there for this. Not only is it one of my favorite Amanda Palmer songs, but this version with Georgia from Bitter Ruin is absolutely gorgeous.

All right, a lot of people don't like this one. But if you ignore the fire-boobs, the video has a really great, necessary message.


This video was made by Steven Mitchell Wright based on the duet between Amanda Palmer and Tristan Allen. Tristan's story is one of my favorites of the year. Amanda found him hanging out on the street near Berklee, at the end of his summer program. He played for her at her apartment that night, it was webcast and eventually he released a record on her label. I saw the webcast here, and was there at the recording session thanks to Twitter. It's incredibly inspiring, and the video is magical.


I make no bones about being obsessed with Taylor, but I love this video especially. The sharp colors of the fantasy world contrasting with the black at the end for the girl about to face the reality of high school... I love it.

This one's kind of old, but it's a goodie. "Lookth at my face. Lookth at my face!" I never was a Donna fan, but David Tennant and Catherine Tate are too funny in this.


This embodies the things I love about Amanda Palmer. It was made in a day, on a beach. Using a uke she had only recently learned how to use. The message is all about being yourself, doing what you love.

I realize that this list has sort of a theme. Empowering youth, in a way. To go along with that, as a bonus, I give you my eleventh favorite video of the year. the music video for Pink's Raise Your Glass.


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