Saturday, December 18, 2010

Book Musings: 13 Little Blue Envelopes

All I can think about when I hear this author's name is RENT. The fact that there is a (deceased) character in the book who is an artist living in New York does not help. At all.

Anyway. This is a pretty good book. The main character is sent on a quest by her late aunt to follow a series of instructions in envelopes around Europe. The idea is unique, and her adventures seemed real to me, a traveler. But the main character, Ginny, was not a character who could stand on her own. She was incredibly passive, and her voice in her (useless) letters to her best friend felt incredibly faked.

She's also a very whiny traveller, and I don't think she saw the beauty at all which infuriated me. Yes, cities begin to look a like after a while. But they're also beautifully different. This book wouldn't encourage anyone to travel, and that makes me sad. Not to mention there are a few (but applaudably not many) stereotypes: such as the lusty Italian.

Most of the secondary characters were well drawn.

What could have made it better? I think first-person. The third person was unnecessary since the book is told only through Ginny's point-of-view. Getting more into her head. Also giving her another motivation, except for following the aunt and A Boy. She has no personality, no interests. We need more about her. Plot AND character.


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