Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Five!

1. As part of the Picture Scanning Project I am having to rescan some photos that came out too dark for my mother's picture scanner (it's not very strong). Can I just say 1993 was a bad year for her camera? Anyway, I have a very well-documented childhood, and I make weird faces/do weird things in a lot of them. Hence, I'm planning a series of Baby Chelsey macros for the future. stay tuned.

2. I have been increasing my nerd-cred exponentially this summer. Not only have I watched all seven seasons of Buffy, I have read the season eight comics. Then, the other night while I stayed up all night for Pottermore (and got in at noon) I watched a bunch of old Sarah Michelle Gellar interviews and the 2008 cast reunion panel on Youtube. It was a wormhole I tell you.

3. Usually by now I've discovered at least one concert or show I want to see in the Fall. Now none of my fans seem to be touring. Economy, I guess, but it's been bad the past three years as well, so I don't know what's up. And off-year I suppose, but hopefully I will get a chance to see a few live shows. My anti-House of Blues attitude will probably not help with this.

4. I'm behind in Torchwood. I don't know why I'm not as into this season, except that I'm not as into the stakes as I was with Children of Earth. It felt more personal then with Gwen preggers and Jack having Steven. Hopefully it'll get better, I am a week behind.

5. In honor of my journey down the Youtube rabbit hole, the commercial that got four-year old Sarah Michelle Gellar sued. (It was the first time a company used the name of another company in their commercial. McDonald's sued Burger King and SMG)