Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Of Harlots and Cupcakes



She's just as amazing and hilarious and fantastic as she seems on her blog! And I gave her a cupcake!

Before I get into the cupcake story, though, let me apologize for not having updated for a long time. School has been ridiculously time-taking. As in, I had to take psychology flashcards to the Harlot's event and the only reason why I wasn't reading Locke's The Second Treatise of government during the knit-in was that I accidentally left it in the car.

Okay, back to the cupcakes. The first unofficial, but informational meeting of the campus knitting club was today, and Rieddhi and I made cupcakes. They were similar to the marzipan cupcakes, except that we couldn't find marzipan, so we bought cake decorating stuff.

They were awesome. We also have several new people recruited to being interested in the club, and I will take it through student government as soon as possible! Yay!


n12125574_35032248_4576 (Mini Fetching!!!)


We had to not bake in my sorority house's kitchen, because during recruitment there was an oven fire and maintenance hasn't gotten the fire extinguisher stuff out of the oven yet. So, we trekked over to Rie's dorm, and it's common room kitchen. Very college-ified.

So of course I had to make one of these cupcakes for the Yarn Harlot.


There were sooo many people in the theatre by Knitch (one that is behind a Ben and Jerry's that is attached to a Starbucks it's ridiculously fantastic). I had no idea that there were so many knitters in Atlanta!

My mom is visiting, which makes me happy:


And I like this sign. So wasn't obeyed:


It was lots of fun, and I'm so excited to have met one of the knitting giants (er... so to speak).

I'm definitely going to update this more. Thwap me if I don't!!!


  1. Hey, at least you updated before I did :P

    Great pic of you and Stephanie. You look like sisters with your lovely flowing auburn locks ;) I lurve the cupcake too.

    Funny thing ... I live an hour away from her, was in downtown Toronto for 8 years, but I've never had the pleasure of meeting her. One of these days ... If you come to visit someday maybe we can go to one of those Lettuce KNit evenings :)

  2. Whoooot! Yay, girl! Who gives a rat's arse about Locke when you can meet the Harlot! :) I got to see her in NYC but didn't have the time to meet her. Yay, fellow Petrel! :)

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