Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Beat Goes On

So, today I was a bit bed-ridden because of an infection on the back of my leg, which kind of sucks, but was very good for knitting. I've finished the pocket for Wicked, so all that remains is the bottom and sleeves. Hopefully will finish it next weekend. I've also caught up on a lot of podcasts.

Sonya and I were at Junkman's Daughter, in Little Five Points (kind of the alternative area of Atlanta) this weekend. I had just had my dad order Stitch 'n Bitch Nation for me, because I want the Newsboy cap held within. And on the bookshelves of Junkman's, there it was. But Amazon was $5 cheaper.

The also had an awesome book of A MidSummer Night's Dream paper dolls, which I dorked out over because the Changeling Boy was in it. Awsomeness!!

I really want to go to the new SnB in Buckhead tomorrow, but I can only go if Sonya will drive me. Because of my leg I can't really walk to MARTA as Rie and I were planning. Sadness.

More news later! :D


  1. Hope your leg heals soon. Better order some more books; you can't have too many!