Sunday, September 2, 2007

Donate, Please

Over at Tangled Fingers Diary, she's hosting a donate button for the Ehlers Danlos National Foundation. Her sister was diagnosed with EDS type 4. For every $5 you donate you will be eligible for a drawing for 5 skeins of Jaeger Roma.

This means a lot to me, because as many of you know, I have Ehlers Danlos type 7c (aka Dermatosparaxis). Ehlers Danlos itself is incredibly rare, and my type exceedingly so. I have the EDNF to thank, though, for the contact I have with a mother of a ten year old boy who also has Dermatosparaxis.

So, a very worthy cause, in my opinion.


  1. Thanks for the donation and the link! I am very glad to see that EDNF has helped you as it has helped my sister recently.
    Good luck!

  2. i donated the other day (and told ehr not to put me in the drawing, i have enough yarn!).

    she actually goes to my s&B!

  3. Thank you for posting about that.
    I did not know about that disability. I feel so much more informed from reading that site.