Sunday, July 8, 2012

Something to Blog About

It's funny, last summer I kept up a very regular blogging schedule, but I wasn't really doing anything. I spent the summer at my parents' house reading and having surgery. I did see Taylor Swift, so that was something, but mostly I wasn't doing much but reading and writing. This summer I'm working, writing, going to dinner with friends, watching Buffy with my roommate and generally doing things.

One of my writer friends and I have discussions about the writing vs. living balance. We both think that living life is a necessary part of writing, the writing brain is always working etc. However,  I don't let that be an excuse not to write. I make sure I spend decent chunks of time working on my current project no matter what else is going on. Other things fall to the wayside. Other things like this blog. I'm going to work harder to make sure that doesn't happen, but I don't regret letting whatever spare brain energy I have at the end of the day go toward working on a novel as opposed to a blog.

It's how I maintain the life/writing balance. Or try to, anyway.


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