Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Most Wonderful Time!

It's mid-July! Know what that means? YLF!

YLF is the Youth Leadership Forum in Tallahassee, FL where I volunteer. For four days, I turn my writerly brain off down (let's be honest) and hang out with awesome teens and other volunteers who I've known for years.

I love hanging out in the FSU dorms ordering Hungry Howie's until the wee hours, but more than that I love getting to be a role model for the delegates going through YLF for the first time. Some of them have no idea that they can achieve the same things as their non-disabled peers. Sixteen-year-old me would definitely have been pleased to know that in seven years she'd be chilling in this gorgeous Cambridge apartment.

I'll be mostly off-line if last year's wi-fi is anything to judge by, but I'll let you all know the highlights of the weekend when I get back!


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