Friday, July 29, 2011

Friday Five!

1. Catching up after three weeks essentially away from the internet is no easy task. But I think I'm mostly up to speed. Luckily, nothing big seems to have happened. There's so much going on in the summers that I wish I could have been part of, though. LeakyCon, SCBWI-LA... one day. One day I'll have a real job. Or something.

2. My Buffy marathoning is going well. I only have four episodes left, and then it'll be on to catch up with Glee before the movie comes out. It just got put in Instant Watch, thank goodness. I really do foresee a day soon when DVDs are basically obsolete. All Instant Watch needs is the special features and I'd be there.

3. This morning Jacob and I had an important discussion.
Me: What's up?
Jacob: Great!
Me: no, what's up?
Jacob: Great!
Me: What's up means what's going on.
Jacob: Oh. Noni wanted to know if you were awake.
Me: There you go. Now if I say how are you, you can say?
Jacob: Great!

Chelsey Blair, imparting valuable language lessons since 2011.

4. GalleyCat posted this the other day. The New York Public Library is giving kids a chance to "read down" their fines. I think this is genius, but I have to wonder if patronage is worth losing the possible income in a time when libraries are in so much danger.

5. Speaking of the NYPL, and therefore lions, I installed OS X Lion on both my computers this week, and mostly I like it. The swipe to go back and tap to zoom on Safari are REALLY useful. I just wish MS Office would get with the program. I want Versions on there, stat.