Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Road Trip Wednesday!

Quick Announcement: my query is going to be on Matt's blog at The Quintessentially Questionable Query Experiment tomorrow and Friday! Go say hi to him, and comment on my query!

Today's YA Highway Road Trip Wednesday topic is:

What books were you obsessed with as a kid?

I was obsessed with a lot of books as a kid

Baby-Sitters on Board! (Baby-Sitters Club Super Special, 1)

I don't know how you want me to pick just a few. I mean, I was a very prolific reader.
Mallory's Christmas Wish (Baby-Sitters Club)

And my parents were VERY good about bookstores. They never really questioned what I read, so I read all across the board.

Kristy and the Haunted Mansion (The Baby-Sitters Club, Mystery #9)

And there were a lot of random library finds. All those four-book series from the 90s that never picked up. Bobbsey Twins, Nancy Drew...I'm not sure you could say I was really obsessed with one thing.

Baby-Sitters' European Vacation (Baby-Sitters Club Super Special)

Or that I knew the complete guide by heart.

The Complete Guide to the Baby-Sitters Club (Baby-Sitters Club Portrait Collection)

And NEVER did one book series populate my entire list of imaginary friends.....

Karen's Wish (Baby-Sitters Little Sister Super Special)

What? Claudia Kishi's phone number? It's KL5-3231. Why? 

Kristy's Book (Baby-Sitters Club Portrait Collection)

Anyone remember the lame computer game from the late-90s? No! No, me either! No, I didn't spend hours on it....
The Baby-Sitters Club: Mallory and the Mystery Diary/Mary Anne and the Great Romance/Dawn's Wicked Stepsister/Kristy and the Secret
You know, guys, I don't know what has me thinking this, but one of these days I should do a review of Jessi's Secret Language. That's random, huh?

Jessi's Secret Language (Baby-Sitters Club)
PS: Why does she look Native American on this cover? 


  1. OMG, I LOVE that you still know Claud's phone number! LOLOL

  2. I can't believe you remember her phone number! (Also, what's with the KL5?)

  3. Cool! I'm going to venture a guess and say you're a Babysitters' Club fan. :)

    Since I graduated high school in 87, I totally missed these books - my daughter's picked up a couple, but we haven't read them yet - I'm thinking they will be beach reads this summer.

  4. To my eternal shame, I never did read The Babysitters Club'! I'll have to make up for lost time and read them all this summer...

  5. For me it was pretty much The Lord of the Rings and The Chronicles of Prydain.

  6. Hi Just made my way over from Matt's blog. You're book sounds great! :o) New follower!

  7. For me it was Nancy Drew mostly. I loved suspense, mystery, adventure. Outside of the Nancy Drew series, I read more books catered towards boys.