Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Five

1. I've been ill in one way or another all week. Pink eye of some kind over the weekend, an infection on my leg and bronchitis. It has not been fun, but I plan to rest over the weekend and then I'm heading down to Atlanta for Spring Break. Kind of funny how excited I am when you consider how ready I was to leave.

2. While I was at the doctor today I could hear this woman screaming. They told me she had dementia and was always confused when she came. But she was yelling in pain, saying "I can't stand it". I don't care if the pain was mostly a result of confusion, I was incredibly grateful that I can only count a handful of procedures I've had that have been truly unbearably painful. I'm lucky in that--and tons of other--ways where even though my disability is life-long and annoying and has caused some major disturbances, I'm not in excruciating pain most of the time, or even frequently.

3. iPad 2 was announced this week. There doesn't seem to be much to entice those of us who already have an iPad, which is good because i'm broke. I suppose Apple is banking on the next wave. The "I'll by it when the bugs are out" group.

4. New Amanda Palmer video:

5. I cannot find a five in my Mucinex addled brain. So.... MONKEYS!


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