Friday, March 18, 2011

Friday Five

1. This came up on my shuffle while I was sitting on the bus today.

Somehow Gonzo manages to sum up what I've been feeling lately. The knowledge you want to be somewhere, and you're not sure where."Part Heaven, part space, or have I found my place?" The confusion, the desire to return and yet to move on. I don't think my place is floating in the sky under a bunch of balloons, but what do I know?

2. On the same bus there was a little boy who waved at me. I noticed he was holding his fist like a microphone, so I lowered my headphones. He was singing a little ditty about "being cool" and it was so adorable. Also adorable was the little girl who held the door open for me in the bathroom at the movies. I was still five stairs up, and ti takes me AGES to do stairs, but she held it.  I love cute, sweet kids.

3. I've always loved people watching, especially on public transit. Today I saw two people greet each other and talk about how they hadn't been seeing much of each other lately. They were incredibly different--a business woman and a man for whom my disability radar kicked in--but he moved to sit next to her and they chatted the whole ride. Similarly, on the plane Monday I listened to a man and woman talk for hours about their lives--she was starting over, he was beginning-- I began to think about how connected we all are. How one bus ride, one plane flight can connect us, and you never know if that connection will be forever. You never know who the next important person in your life will be.

4. I just got lost in a sea of Jim Henson tribute videos. There is so much to learn from him and his legacy. I have my problems with the way Sesame Street is done these days, but there's no argument against what a great man he was, how beautiful his ideals were and how much we should immolate him as people who create things, and as people in general. I need to remember that more.

5. The fact that I can watch videos from a memorial that happened in 1990, and movies from 1930 and horrible music videos made by nasaly teenagers (I WILL NOT link to Rebecca Black) makes me think of how mixed up our culture is these days. Pop culture isn't just what exists currently, but what's existed as long as there's been preserved media we know what's there and miss what's lost in the minor sense--not just the libraries of Alexandria, but lost episodes of TV shows--I'm not sure what this says about the awareness and consumerist nature (in the media consuming sense) of our culture, but i find it interesting. A teen now could be spoken to by the punk rock of the 70s as much as Lady Gaga, because both are accessible, and now that more books are digital they will become available-forever marks of current culture. Interesting, no?


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