Sunday, December 30, 2007

Mission 101

I'm participating in Mission 101, a project where you make a list of 101 things that you want to have done in the next 1001 days. Many people, myself included, are starting this on January 1st. I'll be updating on my progress here and on my Livejournal and I recommend that people give it a look. We're probably going to get a group up on ravelry as soon as we have enough interest, so if you're participating, let me know!

My list:



1.  Loss weight to 110 ibs  (100) (90) (consider complete if 100)

2. Drink 32 ounces of water a day for a month (0/30)

3. Mouthwash every night (4/1001)

4. Take a vitamin every day for a month (and on) (0/30)

5. Shower once a day for three weeks (0/21)

6. Use my eye drops as directed every day for six months (and on) (0/180)

7. No soda (except in alcohol)

8. Eat only one candy bar/equivalent a week (as reasonable)  (1/143)

9. Stop eating when I’m not hungry

10. Wear make-up at least three times a week (2/429)

11. Join the Y

12.  Eat breakfast every day for three weeks (0/21)

13. Whiten teeth with Whitestrips

14. Get salad at lunch every day for two weeks (even if it’s chicken finger day) (0/10)

15. Try more foods/ be less picky

16.PRIVATE (5 /1001)

17. Get rid of unhealthy food in room/don’t get candy

18. Keep both legs from getting swollen as much as possible by using pump as soon as swelling starts

19. Straighten my hair every day for two weeks and keep going (0/14)

20. Use retainer consistently for a year (at least) (4/365)

21. Buy comfortable shoes

22. Only eat popcorn once a month or less



23. Go to a party and have a really good time

24, Call my friends from home, one once a week (0/’142) (quite obviously not in effect when I AM home)

25. Go to church every Sunday for two months (0/8)

26. Be nicer to my father/call him semiweekly

27. Join a knitting group and go on my own

28. Write in my LJ at least three times a week (2/429)

29 Blog at least once a week (143)

30. Go to Bible study at least once a month

31. visit friends in NYC

32. Make plans to go out with friends at least twice a month

33. See one of my Avignon friends again

34. Buy/wear a cross that I really like

35 Go to swing dancing twice a month in the summer (0/18)

36.. Go to therapy

37. Speak in a more classy way/more intelligently

38. Be better at keeping up with pen-pals

39. Print pictures more consistently/add to albums



40, Dye my hair at least four times (0/4)

41. Get cartilage pierced

42. Relearn to swim

43. Learn Italian

44. Travel all over Europe (Rome, Amsterdam etc)

45. Get my tongue pierced

46. Get my first kiss

47 Have a private dance party in my room once a week

48. Learn to sing better

49. Get something different every time I go to Starbucks for a month

50. Start Carly and my web magazine

51. Buy something from my Amazon wishlist once a month for a year (0/12)

52. Wear skirts at least once a week (1/143)

53. Buy pretty tights to go with skirts

54. Try one new recipe biweekly (alternate baking/cooking) (0/64)


56. Do something with all stash yarn so that I can buy prettyful new yarn.

57. Use MARTA more than once a year

58. Go to concerts of artists I like when they are in town

59. Make my wardrobe reflect me more

60. Learn how to spin

61. Write to JKR

62. Buy a new laptop

63. Get recipe book made

64. Bake bread from scratch

65. Make one significant donation to a charity (>$20)

66. Have a psychic reading

67. Get album art on all iTunes

68. Knit five pairs of socks for myself (0/5)

69. Use more creative swear words

70. Knit three sweaters (0/3)

71. Learn to double-knit socks

72. Make a list of the places that I want to see in my life


73. Write and polish four presentable short stories (0/4)

74. Edit ’07 NaNo

75. Pick a manuscript and edit it and work exclusively on getting it publsihed

76. Get a manuscript in the hands of an agent

77. Read a book a week (not for classes) (2/143)

78. Write in a journal every night for at least three months (0/90)

79. Read Anna Karenina

80. Finish all the books I have to read before buying new ones

81. Write something once a day for a month (not NaNo) (0/30)

82. Memorize one Shakespeare verse a month (0/32)

83. Memorize one Bible verse a month (1/32)

84. Memorize four poems (0/4)


Important things:

85. Listen to all the songs in my iTunes and delete any I don’t want any more

86. Get my driver’s license

87. Apply for a service dog

88. Put at least $100 dollars in savings every month for a year ($1200)

89. Pay off my credit cards

90. Get a 4.0

91. Apply/get into grad school

92. Get social security figured out

93. Order out less/spend less when I eat out

94. Vacuum room once a month


95. Saved for 2009

96. Saved for 2009

97. Saved fir 2009

98. Saved for 2010

99 Saved for 2010

100 Saved for 2010

101\. Make a new list





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  1. Great goals and all the best to you for achieving them.
    I would be very interested in your webzine especially!!
    Happy New Year!