Friday, January 9, 2015

Lost on the Couch

I've basically been on Couch Rest for the past six months. For those who say that is an exaggeration, they did not live with my. My roommates, and now my mother, can confirm. Couch and bed, that's me.

It's all been medically necessary. Starting some time in June, I got a sore on my leg that came from a fluid pocket, and not anything I did. That's the only good part about it. It drained crazy fluid and took two surgeries to close. The second one, on November 17th, required a month in the hospital post-op, and it might have been longer had the holidays not come. Also, during the July to November period, I had two MRSA infections--one from the surgical site, one from a fall. And I'm still having residual pain from my back surgery, from which I'm now over a year out, and he's not sure where that's coming from--basically I've been a hot mess.

Because of all the health problems, which basically meant I was paying way, Way, WAY too much to live on my couch, I've moved back in with my mom. I planned to do this all along, just six months from now when my lease was meant to ran out. I'm not going to stay here longer than two years, which should be long enough to pay stuff off and decide where I'll end up. Until then, my basic needs are met, and maybe I'll be sick less.

Although, I haven't stopped sneezing since I got here, so WHO THE HECK KNOWS?

I haven't been totally unproductive in that time. I wrote the posts on media you'll be seeing here, and I've been revising an MS. No huge news on that front, but things haven't been totally static either.

Media I have recently become obsessed with: In the Flesh, White Collar, The Raven Cycle books, The Art of Asking by Amanda Palmer, Gravity Falls (hush, I was in the hospital, ok), BBC's Our Girl, The Oxford Time Travel novels by Connie Willis, The Queen's Thief series, The Wars by Timothy Findley, and Gabrielle Zevin's The Storied Life of AJ Fikray (I read it three times last year....).

What'd you guys get obsessed with last year?


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