Monday, January 26, 2015

Fleur Delacour-Weasley is a Fantastic Female

I have a theory that veela can sense when a man is being influenced by their magic—but Fleur may not be able to do this, or at least not as reliably as a full veela. 
Actual Veela can turn on and off their appeal, and Harry and Ron speculate that Fleur can do so Goblet of Fire. I’m not so sure. I think that a lot of her reasons for putting her name in to the goblet had to do with proving herself mentally and physically. The other students’ reaction to her being chosen shows that they clearly judge her for her beauty. Unlike from, she has never been the flower of the Beauxbaton court. She holds herself aloof, and she uses magic to her advantage, but it must be hard to know the people and be her for something that she really can’t control having, whether or not she can use it at her well. The fact that her most loved person is her sister again shows that she has difficulty interacting with people, not being judged, and if they seem to like her, separating that from the effects of her magic. She probably does not trust easily. 
Sure, we see her appreciating Bill’s looks at the end of book four, but so does Harry. Fleur’s a teenage girl. She is also brave and talented and cares a hell of a lot more about personality than books, and I can’t imagine her getting into a long-term relationship or marriage with someone without knowing that they love her for her brain and not her beauty.
TL;DR if she cannot tell whether or not someone has being affected by the Veela magic, I imagine that the year that we don’t see of her relationship with Bill was full of endless tests on her part, and him patiently breaking down barriers the way he once broke curses on tombs. I kind of want to read their story.

Originally Posted October 24th, 2014


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