Monday, December 31, 2012

At the end of the year....

This should be an awesome 2012 recap post, or a top ten books/shows/memes list, or an outline of my plans for 2013. Unfortunately, it's can't be. I'm ringing in the new year in the hospital. I had a planned surgery on the 26th and have to lie in a bed called a clinatron, which is full of sand and has air blowing through it to keep the sand moving. This prevents pressure from being on any part of your body so a wound can close. It's loud and I can't sit up well in it. This, no major post, just s note to say thanks to all who have read this blog in 2012. Old friends, new friends, roommates, family. All of you are so special to me and I love you! Better post when I'm discharged. And please no worry about me. I'm lying around reading and am thus happy. Also, nobody panic, I have seen Les Mis. All is well.