Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Quick Note and Some Thoughts

Bostonians! Tonight I'm participating in the New Voices in YA Panel at the Public Library of Brookline.

Details here!

I'm so excited. I love doing readings. It gives me a fast-forward view of what my life might look like one day.

On another note, I've started reading the criticism and articles I'll be using for my independent study (on disability in children's literature). Yesterday I focused a bit on social history, and once again got smacked in the face by how recently some of these injustices have happened. John Hockenberry--the world renown newscaster--was stopped from going into a theater in New York, on the basis of his wheelchair, in the early 90s, right before the ADA was passed. I guess I should take my shock as a marker of how much better things have gotten in twenty years, but honestly I know they haven't. Reading other articles about the failures of Medicare and Medicaid to help people live productive lives reminds me of experiences my friends are having now. In 2012.

Long road to hoe...


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