Friday, January 25, 2008

Yo, Listen Up, Here's The Story:

About a blue girl....

Rie and I have been planning on dyeing my hair blue for a while now. Today we finally got around to it. First, let me say, my hair looks really good.

Now for the fun part. All went well during the slathering my hair with color, part. Then I let it sit for quite a while, because my hair is thick. And then, RIe left to go home and I went to rinse, as the bottle said.

A torrential downpour of blue cascaded all over me. My hands became purple. I stood in the water for AGES until each time touching my hair didn't bring new waterfalls. I shampooed. Got out, not touching my hair with the towel, and surveyed the damage.

The Smurfs had World War Three in my bathroom. I, as it seems, am the only survivor, and covered in Smurf blood. My shower hosted the Blitz.

Now, after a million baby wipes and nail polish remover, my face looks okay. My hands are still a little smurfy, particularly the thumbs and nails. Sonya and/or Rie is going to help me with my shower in the near future.

Once my shower is clean and I don't have the threat of having to pay OU for damages I will laugh about this. Oh, yeah, and after I'm sure I don't have to join a freak show or Blue Man Group.


  1. Try one of those Mister Clean Magic Erasers for the shower and try a good salt (or sugar) scrub on your hands.

    Can't wait to see photos of the blue hair!

  2. pictures! pictures, we want to see pictures!

  3. hey
    please tell me what the name of the song?