Saturday, January 19, 2008

Back to School

The first week of class is over. I like most of my classes, but I've already switched one of my required courses for another professor. I feel bad, because my little sister (sorority) was in that class so I was going to take it with her, but the professor is very vague about what he wants, and I want a class that I can get an "A" in.

Shakespeare looks like it will be good, although we're reading some pretty obscure plays it makes me happy because then I can make obscure Shakespeare references. We have a twelve page research paper, so that will give me the opportunity to find out how much i like researching Shakespeare.

In other, really exciting news, it snowed here on Wednesday, and it's snowing now too! In Atlanta! And up until Wednesday, I'd never really seen snow. I mean, it flurried once at home when I was four, and I have a picture of me at my grandparents at the whopping ages of 9 mos in the snow, but that's about it. So this is very exciting!

Not much knitting, having scoped out any classes where I can get away with it yet, though I plan on doing some this weekend :D


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