Friday, October 26, 2007

FO: Wicked

I finally wore my Wicked today! Actually, Thursday, but the internet hasn't behaved until now!


Better pictures when it's not raining out. I didn't want to wear it in the rain, but was so determined to finally wear the damn thing that I gave up caring. It's done in two (yes two) skeins of Arucania Natural Wool with my row gauge a little off. I put in the pocket and knit a little more to make it longer. I'm not happy with the BO edge, it's too tight, but to lazy to rip out.

The headband is with the same yarn, with the Wicked crossovers and a cable.



  1. that looks so fantastic on you -- what a perfect colour! Gorgeous work!!

  2. Looks great on you. I didn't really like the way mine fit when I finished goes life.