Wednesday, June 6, 2007

A Nice Day

Spent some time today taking Jessica's advice and putting my FO and Stash pictures up on my Flickr account. I'd never used Flickr before, having always had a Photobucket account, but I like Flickr much more :D

Got up at nine this morning and went swimming, which was wonderful, and made headway on another Lizard Ridge Block. I want to attempt to knit through my stash of Kureyon before starting a different project, which should only take me a week or so; I have three balls including this one. May get more at Unwind when Mom goes to Fort Walton this week. Soon, though, I may be having to order purely online. Anyone know of a cheap Kureyon provider??

Oh, and I forgot to show you guys my new wallet that Mom bought me at Disney!:

Tink, of course! :D

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  1. secret pal sees that chelsey is a tinkerbell fan....hmmmmm.....

  2. Hiya Chelsey...spotted your blog via your comments on Robynn's blog and I hereby snaffle you with a TAG before Robynn can - details are on my blog! is only fair, I've done all of my 4 and Robynn is only halfway through them this evening *grin*

    On my way to sign up for your book swap!