Tuesday, April 2, 2013

To The Woman Who Thought She Owned the ADA Section

Last night I went to see George Watsky perform at the Paradise Rock Club. I'm a new Watsky fan. He played The Middle East this summer, and I didn't make it out, but his new album made me want to see him live. Having been to The Paradise several times--all for Amanda Palmer--I knew that they had an ADA section for every show, and I didn't bother calling ahead. Lesson learned.

They'd put the ADA secton stage right, behind the soundboard. It's not the best view in the world, but if you're in the front of it, it's not horrible. Unfortunately, the section it was only two people wide and a girl who used a wheelchair plus her boyfriend were already up front. I sat behind them, next to the boy's mom.

Let me tell you how ADA sections usually work: You get one seat plus one for your "companion." From something this woman said--when she rudely asked me about my pills, which were antibiotics--she had recently had surgery and would have needed to sit. Fine. You get to sit here.

You DO NOT get to bring four other people into the section. You do not get to move my chair because I have decided to stand for a few songs, because there is a reason I need that chair, and when I need it, I need it RIGHT NOW. And your son does not get to try to climb on stage whenever Watsky's letting people on, because he's right in front of a speaker. (A bouncer grabbed him, and he practically fell on his girlfriend. So much stupid.)

At one point there were probably eight people crammed into a space meant for eight. For someone with a decent amount of crowd anxiety--particularly concert crowd because I fear getting whacked in the head--this was NOT okay. Luckily, said bouncer cleared it out, but it made the last few songs not very fun for me.

I'm going back to The Paradise to see Andrew McMahon next week, but I'm calling ahead. That crowd, though, will probably be less rambunctious. And hopefully that lady stays far, far away.


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