Monday, November 26, 2012

Tis The Season for Writing Papers

It has been QUITE a weekend, y'all. It's finals time, which means everyone I know is cooped up in their apartments writing papers.

Wait, what?

I'm supposed to be talking about Thanksgiving weekend?


Thursday was the one day I left the apartment last week, to go over to my friends' for the holiday. We did have a nice meal and played Evil Baby Orphanage, but then it was back to the laptop. Not too hard, considering I was alone in the apartment. One of my roommates went home to Jersey for the holiday, and the other is gone visiting family in Norway. (I know, right?)

I had to write a justification paper for my independent study, which ended up being almost fifty pages. I somehow also managed to finish the draft of my Work In Progress, which I've been working on for since some time in September. I have sent it off to critique partners and have sent another project to my iPad for revision-reading.

But even with all that, I had a friend over for paper-writing and delivery. My meeting with my advisor is tomorrow, but right now roommate and I are watching Once More With Feeling, the Buffy musical episode. We just created the Facebook event for our Muppet Family Christmas Party, and bought tickets to see RENT at the Oberon next week.

What I'm saying here is, even though there's a ton of work to be done this season, I'm trying to take advantage of the fun that is to be had. I'm living in a great apartment with amazing people, and I don't want to lose a month to work the way I did in September. It's not worth it, no matter what the season!


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