Friday, August 24, 2012

End of the Summer

I had my last day as a job coach today. We had a luncheon for the interns and their supervisors at a bistro downtown, and I said good-bye to my coworkers. Most of them I'll definitely keep in touch with, but the program is over. I'm going home for a week, and then it will be time for classes to start. I'll go back to student life.

I got a lot of writing done this summer. I revised two manuscripts--one of them an R&R--and prepared to query a third. This more than meets my overall goals, but it still feels weird that the three months have passed already.

This semester is going to be intense. I already have two long emails from my advisor about my independent study, and we've been assigned readings for my other class. I believe a writer should always be writing, but my goals for the next couple of months aren't manuscript related (unless I get revision requests!). Rather, I want to hone my craft. I'm done with the MFA coursework portion of my degrees, and thus have to self-direct writing studies. It'd be pretty easy to never pick up a craft book again. I want to make an effort to do the opposite. Pick up my craft books, do the exercises in them.

I want to learn how to form better prose, something that isn't talked about as much in instructional books or blogs. I'm looking for people who want to make this a goal too, so we can exchange writings and critique, if anyone's interested!

What about you, what are your fall goals?

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  1. Chelsey, if I ever get people to respond to this whole Kidlit Nerds Book Club thing, will you teach me how to be productive with writing? I will settle for being even half as productive as you seem to have been. Because I always thought I was a writer, but apparently you have to occasionally put pen to paper, or fingers to keyboard, not just daydream and outline and read all the time.

    Also, hi! I don't think we've had classes together at Simmons yet, even though we're both in the MA.