Tuesday, January 12, 2010


I wish I were The Doctor and could regenerate at the beginning of every semester. Instead I'm sitting here trying to coordinate VR, MARTA and my hyperbaric treatment to make my leg better. I still have a wound from the infection, you see.

I'm focused hard on my last semester, my internship, applying to grad school, but there's still this to contend with. My doctor is very nice, and hyperbaric isn't bad. Getting back and forth, plus classes, will be. I have a 9:30. My treatment will be 7-9. You do the math.

I'm holding onto hope, though. Three or four more weeks and it WILL be well. And things will be better, because there will be London and the future to look forward to. Traveling in time (one way) and space. Maybe a little like The Doctor after all.


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