Saturday, February 23, 2008

Nineteen Candles

Actually, at no point in the past week did I have a cake with nineteen candles, but I did have cake that my friend baked for me! It said "Happy Birthday, Chiclee!" which was really sweet. So all week I've been celebrating my birthday this week. It was on Thursday, and it was raining and gross but also a really awesome day. I've actually had a social life lately, so not so much knitting. This is what I have on the second sock (picture via my iSight!)=: bluepinksock And also pictures of the blue hair for those that requested them. It's kind of faded now but it won't be all the way out for my sorority composite pictures this week, but oh well.bluehair1bluehair Off to knit!!


  1. Happy Birthday!! Come visit me - you are now "legal" up here in Canada :)