Friday, November 9, 2007

FO: Newsboy Cap



Finished the Newsboy Cap from Stitch 'n' Bitch Nation. I actually finished knitting it a few weeks ago, but it was not until today that I got the stuff to put in the brim, :-/

It's Jo Sharp Aran Tweed, received from the Ravelry Summer Cap Swap. It took almost all of my two balls.

I love this! It's rather floppy and kinda big (oh swatching, why don't I do thee?), but I like that as I have big hair.... I liked the yarn, although the tweed is thick and sometimes difficult to work with.

I love newsboy caps though, and will possibly knit this again. I'm naming it my pretentious and indie cap, thanks to something one of my sisters said whist I was knitting it!



  1. boy do i understand big hair, lol! (mine is past my fanny)

  2. I like it. Perfect color choice!

  3. What did you get to put in the brim--I'm knitting a hat with a brim and wondered what I could put in it to allow it that would stiffen the brim but still be machine-washable. Thanks!